Honda CL72, CL77

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Honda Scrambler CL72 and CL77 parts

Speedometer Packing CL72 CL77

This packing for the speedometer housing fits all CL72s and CL77s. They are a quality aftermarket unit designed for Cl…


Rear Brake Cable CL77

CL77 Rear brake cable very good quality  limited quanity this cable is just as the original    …


Front Brake Cable CL77

Front brake cable CL77


Cable Tie

Small Wire Tie, secures cable and wires to frame.  Fits most early Hondas. 


Cable Clip

OEM Honda Cable Clip (Gray) for keeping front brake cable & throttle cable tucked in behind the head light neat.&nbs…


Hex Bolt, Handle Bar, CB77 CL77 CB160

Hex bolt, Chrome, 8x30, for Handle Bar Setting.  Fits CB77, CL77, CB160.  Sold in sets of four (4).


Hex Bolt, Handle Bar, CB77 CB160 CB175

Chrome hex bolt, 8x35, for Handle Bar Setting.  Fits CB77, CB160, CB175.  Sold in sets of four (4).


Lever Bolt set with hardware

These are the bolts that the clutch and brake levers pivot on.  Most of you have bolts that are either rusted or st…


Lever Perch Set CA CB CL

Lever perch set. After market fits all CA77 CB77 CL77 models. Also fits CB and CL 160 and other Honda models with 7/8 in…


Fork Seal Set Late Model CL77

Fork Seal CL77 (late model with/ aluminum fork lowers).  Set of two. the demensions are 35 x 46 x 11


Frame Decal

CA77 Dream, CL77 Scrambler and CB77 Superhawk frame manufacturer decal


Side Cover Knob CB CL

Latch Knob (Short), CB77, Side Cover.  Sold one (1) each.


Valley Cover Locking Knob, CB and CL

Reproduction Valley Cover locking knob includes all hardware to refurbish your Valley Cover.


Step Rubber CB CL

Rubber Step (OEM), CL77 scrambler  also fits CB450 models and some other models THESE FOOT PEG RUBBE…


Footrest Return Springs CL72 / CL77

Footrest return spring set fits all CL72 and CL77 Scrambler moders 1963-1969.  Sold only in pairs - one (1) left (5…


Kick Rubber CL

Kick Rubber (OEM).  Fits both CB and CL 77s and 72s.


Kick Starter Arm Stopper Spring CA72 CA77 CL72 CL77

Stopper spring for the kick starter arm.  Fits all Honda C72, CA72, C77, CA77, CL72, CL77 models 1959-1969.


Battery Strap - CB, CL

Battery Strap.  Original Honda part for CB and CL 77s.  This strap secures the battery from vibration.


Battery, 12V, CL72 CL77

12 Volt Battery fits all CL72 and CL77 Scramblers.  Shipped Dry.


Steering Damper Cushion Set CL77

CL77 Steering Damper Cushion sold in sets of 2


Fuel Tank Cushion Front Set CL

Cushion Front, Fuel Tank, CL72/77 sold in sets of 2