Honda CB72, CB77

Honda CB Super Hawk

Honda Hawk and Super Hawk

Air Filter Set CB77

Reproduction Air Filter Set for the CB77.  Just like the original!  Sold in sets.


Air Intake Tube Set CB77

Reproduction CB77 Rubber Air Boots (Intake Tubes) with stainless steel springs.  Sold as a complete kit.


Air Cleaner Cover Rubber Cushion CB

Air Cleaner Cover Rubber Cushion.  Fits all CB72s and CB77s.  Sold one (1) each.


Air Cleaner Band

Air Cleaner Band for CB77 and CL77 Air Intake Tubes.  Sold one (1) each.


Carb Kit CB77

Each Carburetor Kit contains the parts necessary to rebuild ONE OEM Honda CB 77 1963-67 .  Made in Japan. FOR …


Carb Kit Honda CB72

Complete Carb Kit for the early CB72 250 Honda. THIS KIT DOES NOT WORK ON A CB77. KIT…


Carburator Jet Clean Tool

Carburator Jet Clean Tool is a must for anyone rebuilding their carburators.  It offers 12 different cleaning tips …


Carb Banjo fiber Washer

These are the fiber washers that go between all fuel line connections on the carburetors for CA, CB and CL 305 models.&n…


Carb Bowl Gasket CB72 CB77 CL72 CL77 CA72 CL77

Carb Bowl Gasket.  Fits CB72 and CB77s, CL72 and CL77s, CA72 and CL77s, early models with rounded corner bowls.…


305 Float Kit / Also CB /CL350 69-73

Float Kit (OEM), fits CA77, CB77 and CL77 ,,,, NOTE this float also fits the CB /CL-350 1969 thru 1973


Fuel Line 2 Pieces

OEM Honda fuel line for CB77/CL77, CL72, CB72.  Two pieces cut to length.


Fuel Line 3 Pieces

bulk hose, 5.5mm


Universal 1/4" Fuel Filter

Universal 1/4" Fuel Filter.  Sold one (1) each. Quick inspection, large capacity, high impact polymer, resista…


Petcock Screen CB CL

OEM Honda Petcock Screen for CB/CL77, CB72/CL72


Petcock Packing CB CL

Petcock Packing (OEM), for CB77/CL77, CL72, CB72


Petcock Fuel Strainer Cup CB CL

Petcock Fuel Strainer Cup fits the following:  CB72, CB77, CL72, CL77, CB160, CL160, CB350F, CB 500 K1 and K2, as w…


Petcock Bowl Gasket CB CL

Honda OEM Petcock Bowl Gasket, fits CB72/CB77, CL72/77


O-Ring Petcock to Tank CB72 CB77 CB450

O-Ring, Petcock to Tank, CB72/CB77, early CB 450


Carb Cap Gasket

CA CB CL carb cap (top)  gasket.  Sold one (1) each.


Carb Intake O-Ring CB77 CL77

CB77/CL77 Carb Intake O-Ring THESE ARE SOLD 1 Each


Handle Bar and Cable Set CB72 CB77

Reproduction Honda CB72/CB77 low bars and cable set.  Includes classic flat bars plus one each throttle, front brak…