Honda CB72, CB77

Honda CB Super Hawk

Honda Hawk and Super Hawk

CB77 Muffler Set

  Each set includes high temp packings that go between muffler and header These CB77 Mufflers are the slip-on sty…


Baffles diffuser Mufflers CA72 CA77 CB72 CB77

Baffles (diffuser) for CB 72  CB77 and CA 72  CA77.  Reproduction to exact Honda specifications for the S…


Exhaust Pipe Mounting Collar CA72 CA77 CB72 CB77

Exhaust Pipe Mounting Collar CA72 CA77 Dream and CB72 CB77, Super Hawk  this is for 2 collars just one exhaust side…


Exhaust Packing Set CB CA

Exhaust Packing for CA77/CB77 Mufflers.  Sold only in Pairs.


CB77 Rubber Center Stand Bumper

CB77 Rubber Center Stand Bumper.  Here's that rubber bumper that keeps your center stand from slamming into you…


Exhaust Gasket

Copper Exhaust Gasket, fits CA/CB/CL 305s.  Sold one (1) each.


Intake Exhaust Stud

Intake / Exhaust Stud (6x28) for 305 motors


Tongue Washer, CB-CL

Tongue Washer for front wheel brake arm, CB77 or CL77. also fits CB450 1965 thru 1967.  Sold one (1) each. …


305 Piston Standard Bore

Standard bore (60.00mm) piston kit.  The kit includes 2 pistons, 2 ring sets, 2 piston pins, and 4 circlips.  …


305 Piston Kit 2nd Over

 Over bore (60.50mm) piston kits. Kit includes 2 pistons, 2 ring sets, 2 piston pins, and 4 circlips. These are for…


305 Gasket Kit

Complete gasket set for all 305 motors. The only gasket sold separately is the packing for the breather shield plat…


Crank Case Gasket, Left, CA CB CL 72s and 77s

Left Crank Case Gasket for all CAs, CBs and CLs, 72s and 77s.   For enthusiasts just doing clutch repair, this…


Cylinder Sleeve CA77 CB77 CL77

NEW Cylinder Sleeve. Sold individually or in sets (see item #305-SLEEVE-CHR-2). This will allow you  to take y…


Cylinder Sleeve Set

NEW Cylinder Sleeve, set of 2.  This will allow you  to take your motor back to standard bore!  SLEEVE…


Case Screw Kit CB77

Case Screw Kit to replace all the screws on the left and right engine side covers - a total of 31 screws. (Be sure to c…


CA77/CB77/CL77 Piston (Standard) & Gasket Kit Set

CB77/CL77 Standard Piston kit AND our complete gasket set.  This kit combines our two most popular items and saves …


CA77/CB77/CL77 Piston Kit (2nd Over) & Gasket Kit Set

CB77/CL77 Piston Kit (2nd over) AND our complete Gasket Set.  This kit combines our two most popular items and save…


Standard Piston & Sleeve Set

Standard Bore Pistons plus Replacement Sleeves.  Fits all 305s.  Buy together and save!  Take your m…


CB72 CB77 Oil Seal Kit

CB72 CB77 Super Hawk Oil Seal Kit.  All seals needed for a total 305 engine rebuild.  


Cam Chain with Master Link

Cam Chain for all 250 and 305 Honda motors , this cam chain is continuous and there is a " Master Link Included.&qu…


Bushing C 14mm

Bushing C, 14mm.  This part is typically worn out on all CA CL CB 72 and 77 (250 and 305) transmissions.&…