Honda CA72, CA77

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Honda Dream 250 and 305

Battery, 12V, CA72 CA77 CB72 CB77

Yusas 12 Volt Battery fits CA72 and CA77 Dreams and CB72 and CB77 Superhawks.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to US Pos…


CA72 CA77 Battery, Early Thin

This is the long, thin 12-volt battery first installed in early Honda CA72 CA77 Dreams. Most Dreams produced in 1962 t…


Points CA

CA72/CA77 Dream Points


C100-CB450 Tail Light Lens

 This lens fits most of the 60's Honda's from C100's thru the CB450's.


Gasket, Small Tail Light Lens

Gasket for small tail light lens.  Fits all early Honda's.


Locking Nut 12mm

OEM Honda Locking Nut, 12mm - fits many models


Rear Shock Washer, Top Mount, Chrome, CA77

Top Mount, Rear Shock Washer.  Chrome plated.  Fits CA72 and CA77 all years.  Sold each.


Cap Nut, 8x14

Cap Nut, 8x14, for all cylinder heads - CAs, CBs, CLs.  Sold one (1) each.


Cap Nut Chrome 12mm CA77

12mm Chrome Cap Nut for rear shocks, fits CA77s


Neutral Light Rubber Boot

This is the 90-degree rubber elbow that connects the neutral light bulb to the neutral light indicator.  Seems thes…


Oil Filter Rotor Washer

This washer goes between the outer cover of the filter against the locating pin in the shaft,so it doesn't dig a big…


Seat Skin, CA77

Seat skin for the Dream CA77 with gold stencil and passenger strap, also includes rivets to re-attach your chrome trim s…


Seat Skin CA77 Red

Remanufactured seat skin for the Honda CA77, original red color with black Honda stencil.  Includes strap and packe…


D8HA Spark Plug

Standard Spark Plug D8HA.  Does not come pre-gapped.  Fits the following: CL77…


Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit.  This is the fuel tank system we use in our restorations.  Cleans, etches the…


Fuel Tank Repair Kit Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Tank Repair Kit Same as the smaller kit, but it adds stripper so you can remove the KREEM and other inf…


Tank Sealer

Tank Sealer, 8oz.


Tool Kit Honda Universal

Tool Kit for use on all Honda models.  Kit includes wrenches (8, 10, 12, 14), screwdriver handle, phillips head scr…


Spoke Kit, CA, Front Wheel

Stainless Steel Spoke Kit for CA72 and CA77 Dreams Front Wheel,  contains 18 outside and 18 inside spokes, 36 Stai…


Spoke Kit, CA, Rear Wheel

Stainless Steel Spoke Kit for CA72 and CA77 Dreams Front Wheel,  contains: 18 outside and 18 inside spokes …