Honda CA72, CA77

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Honda Dream 250 and 305

Points Cover Gasket 305

Points Cover Gasket fits all Honda 250s and 305s.  CA72/CA77, CB72/CB77, CL72/CL77.


CA77/CB77/CL77 Piston Kit (4th Over) & Gasket Kit Set

CB77/CL77 Piston Kit (4th Over) AND our complete Gasket Kit.  This set combines our two most popular items and save…


Standard Piston & Sleeve Set

Standard Bore Pistons plus Replacement Sleeves.  Fits all 305s.  Buy together and save!  Take your m…


Gear Shifting Fork Pin Lock Washer

Gear Shifting Fork Pin Lock Washer - fits all Honda CA72s, CA77s, CB72s, CB77s, CL72 and CL77 models 1960-1969.  So…


CA72 CA77 Oil Seal Kit

CA72 CA77 CA78 Dream Oil Seal Kit.  All seals needed for a total 305 engine rebuild.


Cam Chain with Master Link

Cam Chain for all 250 and 305 Honda motors , this cam chain is continuous and there is a " Master Link Included.&qu…


Bushing C 14mm

Bushing C, 14mm.  This part is typically worn out on all CA CL CB 72 and 77 (250 and 305) transmissions.&…


Cam Shaft Bearing

Bearing for all 305 Cam Shafts


Shift Shaft Seal

Shift Shaft Seal, all 305's - CA CB CL 72 and 77 models.  Stop that bike from leaking - don't even have to …


Points Cam Oil Seal

Points Cam Oil Seal for all 305cc motors - Dream, Scrambler and Superhawk.  Sold one (1) each. SIZE IS.. 14 x …


Breather Shield Plate Gasket

Breather Shield Plate Gasket (Packing).  Fits all 305s.


Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket

Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket (Packing).  Fits late CL/CB/CA 305s. with the narrow cam chain tensioner measured accros…


Oil Filler Dipstick O-Ring

O-Ring for Oil Filler Dipstick, 22mm


Starter Clutch Rebuild Kit CA72 CA77 CB72 CB77

The kit includes 3 springs, 3 rollers and 3 caps - everything you need to rebuild the starter clutch of your CA72, CA77,…


Chain Breaker, Heavy Duty

Heavy duty Chain Breaker for 420-630 link size chains (lever type).


Air Filter CA77

Reproduction Air Filter for the CA77


Air Filter Mounting Bolt, CA

Air Filter Mounting Bolt.  Fits all CA72s and CA77s.  Also fits C72, C77, C71, C76 models from 1959 thru 1969.…


Air Intake Tube CA77

CA77, Dream 305 Replacement Air Intake Tube (Air Box Connector)


CA72 CA77 Air Filter Intake Group

Group contains air filter, intake boot and connecting spring.  Fits all years CA72 and CA77.


Carb Kit CA

Each Carburetor Kit contains the parts necessary to rebuild ONE OEM Honda C77,C77A, CA77.  Made in Japan.


Carburator Jet Clean Tool

Carburator Jet Clean Tool is a must for anyone rebuilding their carburators.  It offers 12 different cleaning tips …