Customer Restorations

Here are some great restorations done by Classic Honda Restoration Customers!  Take a look and get inspired!

Here is another beautiful 305 (1965), restored by Tom Griffith


Chuck Smith sent these wonderful pictures of his CL77 Scrambler restoration

Another CL77 Scrambler project - this one belongs to John Lundberg.  Good work!

Here is a great project underway - Robert Fromelius is hard at work on his 1967 CA77.  Looks great!  

Berkeley Boone has lovingly restored his 1966 Superhawk.  We rebuilt his engine in 2014.


 Bjorn Golberg sent these great pics of his restored 1964 Dream.  The bike won its class at the Keeneland Concours in Lexington, KY!

Take a look at this 1964 Dream restored by Frank De Marco - 


Goetz Ruprecht sends these pics of his late model CL77 scrambler from his home in Grasbrunn, Germany


Jerry Cameron's early love of motorcycles (first pic - Jerry on his Dad's bike) inspired him to restore a CL77.


An excellent CL77 project completed by Dave Schroeder


These pictures show why Greg Tisdale is proud of his 1967 CL77 restoration


Scott Topel sent these great pictures of his 305 Scrambler restoration


Mark Huth tackled a major project with his 1967 SuperHawk

Take a look at John Mika's 305 Dream

 Stan and Carol Egginks sent these beautiful pictures of their Dream restoration

Here is a spectacular CL77 restoration by Brady Inglese in Belgium, Wisconsin


Steve Martin's '67 Superhawk is a great work in progress, with a rebuilt motor just installed


Chris Stanridge restored his Dad's CA77

Here's the original, followed by the restoration!


Mike Shepard shared pictures of his 1966 CB77


Bryson Clark's Handsome Super Hawk


A great CB77 Restoration by Ron Pearce


Rick Roberts with his red and blue Superhawks

Pat Blair, 1967 CB77

Andy Bourne, 1966 CL77


Walt Parke, 1966 CB SuperHawk



Matt Krsul, CL77

Jim Richardson (CHR's engine builder) White Superhawk

Mike Higgins CB450 Black Bomber

Mike Blackwell, CL77 Scrambler

Dale Lindsay, 305 Dream

Cliff Vaughn, Cafe Superhawk

Tracy Hogan and his two sons, CB77 Superhawk, Triumph 250 Cub and CL77 Scrambler

More from Tracy Hogan . . .

 The height of my collection. Right to left: 66 cl77, 65 cb77, 64 cb160, 66 cb160, 69 cb175, 59 triumph tiger cub.


Rick Roberts, CB77 Superhawk

John Basile, CA77 Dream

Jim Richardson, Cafe Racer

Angel Ewing, 1964 305 Dream