The CBX Book II

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The CBX Book II is the second offering by world-renown enthusiast and collector Ian Foster.  The original, The CBX Book, has now become an international collector’s item.  The CBX Book II features 442 pages chock-full of pictures of CBX motorcycles and literature as well as information about the bike’s design and production history, current CBX shops and suppliers, and international CBX Clubs.

This volume highlights the following CBX1000 Models:  1978 CBX-Z, 1980 CBX-A, 1981 CBX-B, and 1982 CBX-C.  A special section details Aftermarket Frames and Bodywork, followed by more than 75 pages picturing Personally Modified CBXs (Streetfighter, Hallwood Replicas, Custom, Turbos, and Multi-Wheeled CBXs) along with stories from their owners.

Destined to become a collectable, The CBX Book II is an excellent addition to any enthusiasts’ literature collection.


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